Capcom Sound Team - Power Stone

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 1x Cassette]

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Catalog #: STS-127-CS


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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the soundtrack release of Capcom’s beloved 3D fighting game Power Stone!

Originally released in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast as well as appearing in arcade format via the Sega Naomi System, Power Stone is an addictive arena walloparama that has remained a firm favourite for those who first played it twenty two years ago. The action sees you fighting various characters one-on-one in differing locations throughout the world, with the soundtrack perfectly complimenting not only the driving force of the combat but also evoking the spirit of the environment itself. Expect fun atmospheric funk, melodic jazz and, above all, huge, direct-to-keyboard orchestral scrawls that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Cecil B. DeMille epic!

Featuring new artwork by Mike Luckas and liner notes from journalist & co-host of the Video Game Grooves Podcast Anthony John Agnello, this is one release that fans will not want to miss out on!“Are you ready? Action!”

Side A

1. Opening Title
2. Ranking Display
3. Book-Open Demo
4. Player Select
5. Stage Select
6. Vs.
7. Londo Stage
8. Falcon Ending 1
9. Falcon Ending 2
10. Mutsu Stage
11. Ryoma Ending
12. Tong-An Stage
13. WangTang Ending
14. Manches Stage
15. Jack Ending
16. Dawnvolta Stage
17. Gunrock Ending
18. Power-Fusion
19. Dullstown Stage
20. Galuda Ending 1
21. Galuda Ending 2
22. Winning
23. Continue

Side B

1. Here Comes A New Chapter
2. Oedo Stage
3. Ayame Ending
4. Mahdad Stage
5. Rogue Ending
6. Skullhaven Ending
7. Kraken Ending
8. Avalon Island Stage 1
9. Valgas Fusion
10. Avalon Island Stage 2
11. Valgas Ending
12. Common Ending 1
13. Common Ending 2
14. Staff Roll
15. Additional Music [DC]
16. Day of Manches St. [Arrange Version]
17. Game Over

Power Stone © Capcom