Vinyl Record Cleaning Service

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We offer a 12" and 7" vinyl record cleaning service. Records are cleaned using an Audiodesksysteme Vinyl Cleaner Pro. The gentle cleaning process runs fully automatically. Counter-rotating microfiber cleaning barrels and ultrasonic waves softly remove even deep-sitting dirt particles from the record grooves. During operation the machine permanently filters the cleaning fluid. Afterwards two special high-performance motors guarantee an effective drying procedure of the record. The record is then placed in a brand new audiophile style inner sleeve. Your original innersleeve will also be returned to you. This service costs £1.99 for each 7"or 12" record cleaned and resleeved.This charge is for records dropped off and collected in person from our bricks & mortar shop in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Please message us for a quotation if you also require collection and delivery or cleaning of a large collection.