Vinyl Guru Replacement Turntable Belt

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Our most popular size 195mm Diameter fits the following turntables. Please contact us if you are unsure whether your turntable is compatible.

AIWA PX-E850U, PX-E855, PX-E855U, PX-E860, PX-E860U

TECHNICS SL-BD1, SL-BD2, SL-BD20, SL-BD21, SL-BD22, SL-J11, SL-J110D, SL-J110R, SL-N5, SL-N15, SP-626H, SP-626B, SP-916

PIONEER PL-512, PL-512X, PL-512XD, PL-514, PL-514X, PL-514XD, PL-10, PL-516, PL-516X, PL-560, PL-100, PL-100X, PL-120, PL516, PL600, PLA25, PLA26, PLA35, PLA45, PL115, PL117D, PL 120, PL220, PL510, PL514,KH 3355, KH 5522A, M6000, M6500, MX 40, MX 80, PL16, PL33, PL45D, PL 61, PL 100X, PL 112, PL 112D, PL A30, PL B12, PL X21Z, PL X100, PL 150, C4500, C4600, C5600D, ES 2000, FD 3, KH 3500, N28 616, P700, P4000, PL10, PL12, PL12A, PL25, PL31D, PL100, PL115D, PL155, PL200X, PL 230, PL320, PL512, PL518X, PL560, PL990, PL2200


SONY PS-LX255, PS-LX44P, PS-LX45P, PS-LX47P, PS-LX60, PS-LX250H,

JVC AL-E31, AL-E31BK, LL1, L E600, AL F330, AL A1BK, L100, JL A20, JL F35, JL P30, L A10, L A11, L A21, LT11, L AX3, L A100, 5250, 5250U, AL - A1, JLF30, JL A1, JL A15 , LL1, 5230, 5240B, AL F330, AL A1BK, L100, L A21, L A90, L L10, SRP 473E, VL 8, AL A1BKX, AL F350, L A120, L AX1, L F130


YAMAHA P 200, P 05, P 350, P 375, YP 450, YP 600, P 10, P 30, P 16, P 900

HITACHI HT 20S, HT 21, HT 320, HT 324, HT G2, MU 10