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Welcome to our first Vinyl Guru recommends playlist. Each month we'll be featuring the best in recent and forthcoming new vinyl releases and reissues for your enjoyment. The full tracklisting can be found HERE

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Yard Wars/Cactus Knife Split EP (Indie/Rock) This split EP from Yard Wars/Cactus Knife really encapsulates and showcases the kind of Alternative yet competent sound you can find on bandcamp. With a very professional standard of production and instrumentation, these two bands will definitely be ones to watch out for in the future. Favourite track - 'Yard Wars - CIA LSD' Michael Zucker - Pixel Perfect LP (Progessive Rock/Chiptune) Pixel Perfect is an LP by Michael Zucker which manages to cross-over the clashing sounds of Chiptune and Progressive Rock and somehow morph them into an avant-garde masterpiece. Favourite Track - 'Syntax'...

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