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Phil Dunn

Phil Dunn is 49 and has been collecting vinyl for 45 (R.P.M.!) years. Raised in the sunny seaside resort of Seaton Carew, Phil's passion for vinyl is reflected in the amount of CD's he owns (14) and the amount of songs on his iPod (Zero).

He does however have a lifetime's work of vinyl with over 11,000 UK 45's and nearly 4000 Albums spanning from 1962 to the present day. After being bought an Elizabethan Astronaut Record Player in Bright Orange for Xmas 1969, his obsessional purchasing of Singles is almost as fervent as his love for the mighty Hartlepool United FC, indeed Phil's only Chart Success as an artist came as Lead Vocalist on Monkey Hangerz version of "Two Little Boys" in 2005, which co-incidentally was one of the 45's he got alongside his new record player!

As well as listening to music, Phil has fronted Hartlepool's hardest-working covers band The Passion Killers since 1994 and is still regularly DJ-ing from vinyl as well as making several radio appearances.

Married to the long-suffering Mel and with two music-loving Daughters, even his Dog is named after Don Partridges 1968 Top Ten Hit! (Google it!)


Hey Jude - The Beatles


Easy. My Mam still to this day says I could recognise Record Labels before I could read. I have vivid recollections of playing Beatles and Stones 45's as a three-year old so that will have been 1967. I can also vividly remember my Dad coming in with a copy of "Hey Jude", pulling it out of his overcoat and handing it to me. The first time I'd seen the Apple Label! I was 4, and we had a Radiogram.


You Can't Hide Your Love Forever - Orange Juice


As a teenager Thursday Nights at Hartlepool's Club Gemini opened my ears up to all sorts of undiscovered treasure. It was billed as "Alternative Night" but just about anything got played. I remember one night in 1981 hearing "Nowhere Girl" by B-Movie followed by "Falling And Laughing" by Orange Juice, going up to the guy in the box asking what the last two records were, and nipping straight up to Volume Records in Durham the next morning to buy both albums! Orange Juices "You Cant Hide Your Love Forever" remains my favourite album of all time.


The Age of the Understatement - The Last Shadow Puppets


Having two "Teenage" Daughters I get to hear most new music around the house, even though a lot of it is on iPods. I quite like a lot of American "New Punk" stuff like All Time Low, Fall Out Boy etc..just fun, good time music but I guess both of them have been around a while. The Last Shadow Puppets' "The Age of the Understatement" was the last album I heard and thought "Wow"!!!


Hot Smoke And Sassfarass - The Mooche


Must have sold bobbins in 1969, yet we've always had the single in the family. I think it came from a "3 for Ten Bob" pack. Its monumental, and they never got to make an album.


Where You Stand - Travis


"Where You Stand", the latest LP from Travis, is their best yet. Honestly, trust me, its faultless. Also, when Fish left Marillion I forgot about them for about a decade, but I can heartily recommend "Afraid Of Sunlight" if you've never heard the Steve Hogarth-led version of the band..a rare case of a successful act losing their frontman and improving because of it.


In My Chair - Status Quo


When I was first buying my own records in the very early 70's my Dad was obviously still young enough to be interested. He talked me out of buying something by The New Seekers and made me pick up "In My Chair" by Status Quo. Their Pye 1970-71 stuff is outstanding, still listen to that Era-Quo now. 15 years ago I lost my Cousin John Ritchie who died quite young. I inherited his Record Collection which was chock-full of late 60's-Early 70's rock/blues classics. I'm still ploughing through those LP's and would never have heard Richie Havens or own "The Madcap Laughs" by Syd Barret without John.


Totale's Turns - The Fall


Best live album bar none is The Fall's "Totales Turns" Recorded in a few Working Mens Clubs, when the audience was expecting the usual Clubland acts, and they got the 1978 Fall! Its incredible.


Uncomplicated - Elvis Costello & The Attractions


"Uncomplicated", the blistering opener to Elvis Costello & The Attractions "Blood And Chocolate" album from 1986. It's actually only two chords so do I win a prize?! What a sound.


Better The Devil You Know - Kylie Minogue


"Better The Devil You Know" by Kylie. Infectious, been singing it for three days since I heard my eldest playing the Steps version!


I Don't Mind - The Buzzcocks


"I Don't Mind" by The Buzzcocks. The best Middle Eight in pop history.


That Same Old Feeling - Pickettywitch


"That Same Old Feeling" by Pickettywitch. Perfect Pop. I had a massive crush on Polly Brown as a kid.


Starry Eyes - The Records


"Starry Eyes" by The Records. "I Don't Wanna Argue"!


Always Be A Part Of My Living - The Gentle Influence


"Always Be A Part Of My Living" by The Gentle Influence on PYE, from 1968. It's a single that has eluded me for nearly ten years. It's not even that valuable, just elusive!


Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels of the Ages - T. Rex


My copy of T-Rex's "Prophets..." LP isn't mine, but it's brilliant, and it isn't going back....I "borrowed" it in 1982!


Now I'm Here - Queen


There are dozens of "One Track Albums" in my racks...I've never been a fan of Queen but "Now I'm Here" literally blows my mind! I LOVE it.


Hi... We're The Miracles - The Miracles


A copy of "HI! We're The Miracles" on UK Oriole in Near Mint Condition from a Charity Shop in Yarm, about a year ago. I've been offered £500 for it.


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