Various Artists - Rusty

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 2x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: VoV-007


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Very Ok Vinyl is proud to present …

Rusty, The original soundtrack, on vinyl!

In the PC-98 game released exclusively in Japan, Rusty the vampire huntress slays, and so does the soundtrack! This compilation covers all the action and emotion as Rusty lays waste to monsters in her quest to rescue damsels taken from villages across the countryside. The synth sound of this game has a broad range. No simple beep bops here. From fun and upbeat, fast and intense to more moody vibes, this soundtrack keeps it interesting.

If you thought Rusty was sexy, wait until you see what we have in store for you.
This 2LP, 33RPM set comes wrapped in a 24pt Wide spine jacket with original PC-98 inspired artwork by @tedbob84.

And this hot number is available in 3 variants.

Splatter (Limited Edition) oozes action with a blue and yellow splatter over an opaque red base.

Transparent ‘Rusty’ Red is sleek and sexy, just like the main character.

Classic Black never disappoints for the traditional vinyl lover.
Rusty ©2023 Naoto Niida. All Rights Reserved.
All tracks composed by Kenichi Arakawa, Masahiro Kajihara, Ryu Takami.
Jacket art designed by Brandon Fraser (@tedbob84).
Hardware Sound Recording by Jeremy Roberts.
Mastered for vinyl by Rob Crellin.
Release coordinated by Scott Geoffrey.