Georgie Art Baker - Highway Blossoms

(Original Video Game Soundtrack) [New 1x 12-inch Sunset Coloured Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: VoV-003


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Very Ok Vinyl is proud to present...

Highway Blossoms Original Soundtrack selections on Vinyl!

This is a collection of the 11 Georgie Art Baker (aka Smoke Thief) songs from the original Highway Blossoms' soundtrack. Sit back by the campfire and a glass of bourbon, as Georgie's songs set the mood!

This record consists of:
- 11 tracks from Georgie Art Baker specifically mastered for vinyl
- 24pt thick jacket
- Hand numbered out of 300*
- Exclusive first press Sunset Variant**
- 12x12 artwork insert
- Original album artwork by Adirosa


Side A
1. Eleven
2. Backroads
3. Eighteen Wheeler
4. Blossoms
5. Treasure Hunting
6. Rockstar Girlfriend

Side B
7. Holding On
8. Winter With You
9. Equinox
10. Nightfall
11. Fireside

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