Various Artists - Furi

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Collector double vinyl with a selection of 20 of the tracks - some in their LP version. Pink and blue vinyls, in a silver print and white glossy folder with art by Takashi Okazaki.

A1 Danger - 06:24 (LP Edit)
A2 Carpenter Brut - Enraged
A3 Waveshaper - A Picture In Motion (LP Edit)
A4 Waveshaper - Wisdom Of Rage (LP Edit)
B1 Lorn - Unraveled
B2 Carpenter Brut - What We Fight For
B3 The Toxic Avenger - Make This Right (LP Edit)

C1 Scattle - Love And Madness
C2 Carpenter Brut - You're Mine
C3 Kn1ght - A Big Day (LP Edit)
C4 Kn1ght - Something Memorable
D1 Waveshaper - A Monster (LP Edit)
D2 Waveshaper - You Are The End (LP Edit)
D3 The Toxic Avenger - My Only Chance (LP Edit)
D4 Danger - 07:53
D5 Danger - 08:02