Tomahawks For Targets - Invasion on a Budget

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180 gram Vinyl Edition with cover artwork by Emilee Seymour. Includes exclusive hidden track only available on vinyl album.

"An album that I've gone back to many many times since I first bought it. That's rare for me. Some excellent harmonies. Favorite track: God, Down A Coal Mine." - Daz Wright

"Played a brilliant set at Reading (and Leeds Festival 2011)" Edith Bowman BBC Radio 1
Includes the BBC Radio 1 playlisted single "Total Collapse Of It All"
"So good isn't it, such a good tune, I really like that a lot" Edith Bowman BBC Radio 1
"Like it a lot" Greg James BBC Radio 1
"A band that excites me greatly..." Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music
"They nimbly negotiate the tightrope that is stretched between those two towers 'Experimental' and 'Accessible' with ease, and have fresh melodies and harmonies to burn. We're sticking a large flag in them marked "The Real Deal"." - The Crack Magazine
“They’re already darlings of the festival scene, and BBC Radio 1 and 6Music both seem rather excited about this band – and it’s not hard to see why. They come off all ‘XTC for the digital age’ and ‘next batch of saviours of pop music’ – and they’re pulling it off rather nicely. It’s upbeat clever-clever angular guitar pop, but with an extra bit of self-aware, tongue-in-cheek ‘zing’ that lifts it well above the ordinary. Moments of King Crimson (and even 10CC) shine through at times, but this is entirely contemporary.” Andrew Dubber .com/music
"An absolutely essential listen" - Music Junkie
"...pop songs but with layers upon layers of intricate parts that leave the more OCD afflicted among us rewinding for another listen after each verse." - Ruth Kilpatrick, Amazing Radio
"Listening to this Tomahawks For Targets are a band with a real future" - Recharged
"With an eclectic mix of melodies, vocals and harmonies this is one band we are very excited about" - Viva Magazine