Yoshino Aoki - Mega Man Battle Network 3

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 1x 12-inch Blue Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: STS-196


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“This is even cooler than I heard it was!”

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original Game Boy Advance soundtrack to CAPCOM’s Mega Man Battle Network 3, available on vinyl for the very first time!
Released in Japan just in time for Christmas in 2002 (with a new version “Black” being released three months later, and North American and European versions - "White" and "Blue" - being released in the Summer of 2003), CAPCOM was delighted to discover they had a hit on their hands. with Mega Man Battle Network 3 becoming one of the biggest selling video games of the time. The game continues the adventures of Lan and his NetNavi Mega Man as they navigate dangers in both the real world and the Net in their attempt to stop Dr Wily and the evil organisation WWW from releasing a devastating computer virus.

Composer Yoshino Aoki returns for score duty, utilising her ability to establish the perfect tone using melodic chiptune patterns and driving beats. This isn’t just video game music for nostalgia’s sake, but makes for a rewarding piece of VGM in its own right!
Newly remastered and available in two vinyl colour variants with a randomly selected "White" or "Blue" outer sleeve featuring artwork from the CAPCOM archives. Which sleeve will YOU receive?

This is one release that we are expecting to sell out fast — don’t miss it!


Side A
1. Theme of Rockman EXE 3
2. WWW's Theme
3. Hometown
4. Tree of Life
5. Yokayoka Village
6. Sea Breeze Town
7. Scientific Forefront
8. TV Station
9. N1 Grand Prix!
10. Hell Island
11. Research Lab
12. Suspicious Mood
13. Incident Occurrence!
14. Wiping Tears
15. Proof of Courage
16. Transmission!
17. Blind Mode
18. Maze of Wilderness
19. Save a Life
20. Final Transmission
21. Network is Spreading

Side B
1. Dangerous Black
2. Shine in the Dark
3. Shooting Enemy
4. Boss Battle!
5. VS. Proto
6. Great Battlers
7. Showdown!
8. Navi Customizer
9. Farewell
10. Navi Customizer ~ Free Mode ~
11. Tree of Life ~ Piano Arrange ~
12. Farewell ~ Vocalize ~