CAPCOM Sound Team - Viewtiful Joe 2

[New 2x 12-inch Clear Vinyl LP]

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“This is where the story REALLY starts getting interesting!”

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the first ever vinyl release of the soundtrack to the 2004 Gamecube video game Viewtiful Joe 2!

Following on directly from the ending of the 2003 game, Viewtiful Joe 2 sees the titular hero return to save the world from an alien invasion by stopping the evil Black Emperor from collecting all seven of the Rainbow Oscars.

Utilising the same gameplay and graphic style as its predecessor, Viewtiful Joe 2 ups the ante by introducing a second playable character - Silvia - and bringing in “VFX Powers” that allow you to manipulate the time & space of the game itself! Masami Ueda is once again on soundtrack duty, along with composer Sayaka Morita, and together they complement the frenetic on-screen action beautifully, combining epic orchestral flourishes with techno guitar hooks in the Viewtiful Joe-style fans know and love.

This 2LP gatefold release features new liner notes by games journalist Anthony John Agnello, as well as artwork by acclaimed artist Drew Wise that actually connects with the original Ship to Shore Viewtiful Joe gatefold artwork, turning it into a stunning panorama of viewtifulness!

“Just go for it!”


Side A
1. Grand Opening
2. Trailer
3. There's More to the Story
4. GM01 - Title Call
5. Ten Million Years BC
6. GM02 - Intermediate
7. GM03 - Powerful Enemies
8. GM04 - Presentiment
9. EV01 - Boss
10. Drill Sergeant
11. Viewtiful Heroes and the Statue

Side B
1. Railroad Battle
2. Ancient Guardian
3. Memories of an Invincible Monster
4. Cyber Phantom
5. Thunder Boy Lives Twice
6. EV02 - Black Film
7. Underworld Emperor
8. Concession Stand

Side C
1. Ice Edge
2. Blizzard Hazzard
3. Mad Scientist
4. EV03 - Do Androids Dream of Roman
5. EV04 - Cimmerian Planet
6. Starship Viewties
7. EV05 - Emperor of Gedow
8. EV06 - Dark Kaiser
9. EV07 - Six Six Majin

Side D
1. Ultra Black Behemoth
2. EV08 - Happy Ending
3. EV09 - Tenshin!
4. EV10 - Viewtiful Award
5. Dark Hero
6. EV-11 - Henshin-A-Go-Go Baby!
7. True Heroes!
8. EV-12 - The Truth
9. Happy Ending
10. Clover Harvest
11. The 36th Chamber of Viewtiful
12. That's a rap!

Viewtiful Joe © CAPCOM