CAPCOM Sound Team - Viewtiful Joe

[New 2x 12-inch Clear Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: STS-125
Barcode: 616967901009


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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. are proud to present the first ever release of the soundtrack to the 2003 Gamecube video game Viewtiful Joe!

Receiving high accolades from critics on release, Viewtiful Joe is a feast for the eyes with its wonderfully unique cell shading style, cartoon aesthetics and smooth, addictive gameplay. A game like this deserved a score to match and composers Masakazu Sugimori & Masami Ueda created a soundtrack that complemented the action perfectly, utilising guitar hooks, techno beats, acid bass swirls and epic orchestral themes that’s simultaneously fun, atmospheric and adrenaline-pumping!

“Let’s get it on!”

Pressed on two vinyl variants (Viewtiful Red with White Splatter and Crystal Clear), and featuring new artwork by Drew Wise and liner notes by Video Game Grooves Podcast host Anthony John Agnello.

Side A
1. Grand Opening!
2. Fanfare
3. If He Can’t Do It, No One Can!
4. EV01
5. GM01
6. Joe the Hero
7. Blue the Justice
8. Henshin-A-Go-Go-Baby!
9. ST01
10. GM02
11. GM03
12. Dark Fiend
13. GM04
14. Some Like it Red Hot
15. ST02

Side B
1. Iron Ogre
2. Let’s Ride Six Machine
3. 2,000,000 Leagues Under the Sea
4. Aquatic Terror
5. The Viewtiful Escape
6. Another Joe
7. GM05
8. Break Time!

Side C
1. Midnight Thunder
2. GM06
3. Blade Master
4. EV02
5. Magnificent 5
6. Inferno Lord
7. EV03
8. Joe & Sylvia

Side D
1. EV04
2. C’mon Six Majin
3. The Omnipotent
4. Blue the True Hero
5. EV05
6. EV06
7. Standing Ovation
8. Happy Ending
9. GM07
10. That’s A Rap!

Viewtiful Joe © CAPCOM