Craig Barnes - Streets of Rogue

[New 1x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: STS-109
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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. proudly presents: Streets Of Rogue: The Original Video Game Soundtrack by Craig Barnes, now on vinyl for the very first time!

One of the most unique Roguelike games of recent years, Streets Of Rogue became a firm favourite amongst the critics and gamers who experienced its quirky humour, infectious playability and storming soundtrack. Now you - yes, YOU! - can purchase the very same music that coincidentally yet unsurprisingly accompanies the game whilst you play it. All you need to do in order to progress further is place the item in your cart and checkout. No Ghost Gibber is needed (although a turntable might be required to complete your mission).

This album contains new artwork by Drew Wise!

Side A

1. Ghetto Libretto
2. Slum Scrum
3. THWOMP! (There It - A Rollicking Good Time - Is)
4. LET'S GET READY TO (Hash Out Our Differences Peacefully)
5. Ace of La Boots
6. Don't Stop Movin'! Like Really! Killer Robot is After You!

Side B

1. Turn Up the Base (Home Base)
2. Groove in the Blood Pumping Organ of an Animate Being
3. Heavy Wheezing on the Dancefloor
4. Tell It To My Cardiologist, Why Dontcha?
5. The Mayor's Lament
6. HUH. Get Funky. In the Streets of Rogue. Yeah. Jam On. (Credits)