Falcom Sound Team jdk - Ys Healing

[New 2x 12-inch Brown Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: STAR-007


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Streaming Arrow Records are excited to be presenting the 2001 Ys I and Ys II arrangement album "Ys Healing"!

Falcom Sound Team selected some of the most memorable songs From Ys I and Ys II and transformed them into relaxing yet also evocative classical styled arrangements that amplify the emotions felt in the original yet brief renditions of many of the songs featured in this album.

From an angelic choir and music box ladened arrangement of "A Still Time" to the cold yet graceful Waltz-styled arrangement of "Ice Ridge of Noltia". Ys Healing stands out as one of the most unique arrangement albums that Nihon Falcom has published to date.

• First ever vinyl pressing.

• The complete Ys Healing arrangement album

• All music has been remastered for this release and then mastered specifically for vinyl.

• Pressed on two 180 gram discs.

• All housed in a heavyweight 350 gsm 5mm single pocket jacket.

• Etching on Side D

Product mockups are visual representations of what these are estimated to look like and may differ from the final product.


Side A

Eternal Desire ~Feena~ 04:38
Eternal Sleep ~A still time~ 02:34
Fleeting Love ~Too full With love~ 05:07
The Palace at Night ~Palace~ 06:30

Side B

Rainbow Eyes ~Lilia~ 05:34
The Ice Waltz ~Ice ridge of Nortia~ 04:08
Salmon in the Moonlight ~Palace of Salmon~ 05:10

Side C

The Black Pearl ~The last moment of the dark / Final battle~ 05:47
Dreams of the Goddess ~Feena~ 05:25
Door to the Heart ~Open your heart~ 02:59