Falcom Sound Team jdk - Fields of Ys

[New 1x 12-inch Black Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: STAR-006


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Streaming Arrow Records is proud to present in partnership with Nihon Falcom our first-ever compilation album release centered around the music of the Ys Series.

Featuring a song from the most modern iteration of every numbered Ys title. "Fields of Ys" brings together the iconic overworld themes of each mainline game to deliver an energetic compilation of some of the most iconic songs ever produced by Falcom Sound Team jdk.

From Oath in Felghana's graceful rendition of "The Boy's Got Wings" and of course Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana's masterfully crafted "Sunshine Coastline" beautifully combining heavy metal guitar riffs, fast drum work, Violins and keyboard synthesizers to deliver an energetic and uplifting track mixed with twinges of majesty and nostalgia.

Whether you're a fan of Nihon Falcom's modern music offerings or you're unfamiliar. this album is an excellent place to begin your journey into Falcom's treasured music library on vinyl record.

• Ys Compilation album featuring an iconic track from each numbered Ys entry.

• All music tracks have been professionally remastered for vinyl from the highest quality source available.

• Pressed on a single 180-gram disc cut at 33 1/3 RPM.

• A 12x12" insert From Nihon Falcom's Archives of Dogi and Adol leaving Esteria to begin their subsequent adventures.

• All housed in a heavyweight 350 gsm single pocket jacket.

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Side A

First Step Towards Wars
Palace of Solomon
The Boy Who had Wings
The Great Forest of Celceta
Field of Gale

Side B

Quatera Woods
Mother Earth Altago
Sunshine Coastline
Glessing Way!