Gabriel Koenig - Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 2x 12-inch Star Splatter Coloured Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: SFR03A


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A1. Sentience Leak
A2. Nebulous
A3. Children of the Cloud
A4. No One Invented These Rules
A5. Go Round or Go Home

B1. These Old Wires
B2. Rainy Data
B3. Computer Graveyard
B4. A View to the Core

C1. Electric Voyages
C2. A Cycle’s Work
C3. Simulated Dream States
C4. Microchip Ruins

D1. Souls of the Deleted
D2. The Neverending Process
D3. The Feeling of Life
D4. Organic Machines