Olivier Deriviere, Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima - Streets of Rage 4

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A1. Main Theme of Streets of Rage 4
A2. Character Select
A3. They're Back
A4. The Streets
A5. Chill or Don’t
A6. Overflow

B1. Call The Cops
B2. Funky HQ
B3. The Commissioner
B4. The Storm Boat
B5. Nora

C1. Ghost Fair
C2. Estel Round 1
C3. The Undergrounds
C4. On Fire
C5. Barbon
C6. Chow Time
C7. Do Joe

D1. Shiva
D2. Aphex Train
D3. Estel Round 2
D4. An Exhibition
D5. Double Divas
D6. Rising Up

F1. Ti Un Fou
F2. Mr Y
F3. Next Of Kin Showdown
F4. Staff Roll
F5. It's Extra

E1. Maximum
E2. 25 Years Ago
E3. DJ Kwashi
E4. A Ki Ra
E5. Lift The Ground
E6. Mrs Y