International Copy of Arthur Kordas - Darkwood

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 1x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: STS-061
Barcode: 604220666802


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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the debut vinyl release of the original video game soundtrack to the unsettling horror survival masterpiece Darkwood.

Layered with a thick, intensive atmosphere only found in your most disquieting nightmares, Darkwood combines Lynchian madness and Slavic folklore with Lovecraftian themes in this unique hair-raiser, where your character attempts to survive night after night in the titular overgrown forest whilst using the daylight hours to follow clues as to how to escape… and find out what the hell is going on.

The game was praised for its sound design, with the soundtrack playing heavily into what makes it such a memorable experience. Composer and co-developer Artur Kordas buries the listener deep in a cold, heavy block of dark ambience, with decaying industrial leaves and dry folk-instrument sticks piled on top.

Play this alone in a dark room, we dare you…

Side A

1. Darkwood
2. Intro
3. Dream
4. Green People
5. Road to Home
6. Untitled 1

Side B

1. Piotrek
2. Untitled 2
3. Wedding
4. Underground
5. Wolf
6. End of the Night
7. New Dawn
8. Last Hideout

All Music Composed and Performed by Arthur Kordas
Artwork by Tate Steinsiek

Darkwood © Acid Wizard Studios