Tettix & A Shell In The Pit - Rogue Legacy

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 1x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: FG44


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You can pass your vinyl collection down from generation to generation, even if you can't pass down all your traits. 

  • 18 tracks from the classic Rogue Legacy soundtrack by Tettix and A Shell in the Pit, newly remastered for vinyl.
  • Artwork by Justin Chan featuring spot gloss details
  • Pressed on translucent red vinyl.


Side A
1. Rogue Legacy
2. Trilobyte
3. Pistol Shrimp
4. The Grim Outdoors
5. Skin Off My Teeth
6. Narwhal
7. Lamprey
8. Broadside Of The Broadsword
9. Mincemeat

Side B
10. SeaSawHorse
11. Rotten Legacy
12. Whale. Shark.
13. The Fish And The Whale
14. Poot Yan
15. Stereo Blindness (Bonus)
16. Manta (Bonus)
17. Whale. Shark. (Variant)
18. Alas!