Various Artists - Hypnospace Outlaw

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 2x 12-inch Clear Vinyl LP]

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Merchantsoft proudly presents 25 tracks from Hypnospace Outlaw in a beautiful 2LP collection, pressed on clear vinyl and featuring art from Joe Aquiare.

A1 New Era
A2 Sleeptime Computing
A3 Chill it Right (Fre3zer)
A4 Icy Girl (Fre3zer)
A5 Colder Than the Rest (Fre3zer)
A6 Formations (Basidia)

B1 Ghost of the Grotto (Basidia)
B2 Soundscape II: Secret Forest
B3 Hypnospace 2.0
B4 Millennium Anthem [2000 New Year's Eve]
B5 Eulogy

C1 Kruncher [Intro] (The Chowder Man)
C2 The Chowder Man's Hotel Room (The Chowder Man)
C3 Granny Cream's Hot Butter Ice Cream (The Chowder Man)
C4 I Am the Chowder Man (The Chowder Man)
C5 SquisherZ (The Chowder Man)
C6 Chowder Man, Please Come Back Home (The Chowder Man)
C7 Gray's Peak (The Chowder Man)
C8 Ready to Shave (The Chowder Man)

D1 Satellite Orchestra (Barnaby's Chair)
D2 Nothing Left For Me (Seepage)
D3 Against the Wall (Seepage)
D4 Celestial Reflection (Zared)
D5 Agent of Peace (Zared)
D6 True Life Awakens (Zared)

Composed and produced by Jay Tholen. Some tracks composed and produced by Hot Dad (C1-C8), Dan Warren (D1), queenjazz (D2-D3), and Brian Carnrike (D4-D6).