Various Artists - Katana Zero

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 2x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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The Katana ZERO original soundtrack is now available in a vibrant 2LP set, featuring translucent purple and pink neon burst vinyl and beautiful UV gloss coated gatefold packaging by Dave Zhang (godsavant).

By Bill Kiley and LudoWic, with additional music by Justin Stander, Tunç Çakır, and DJ Electrohead.

Side A
1. Katana ZERO
2. Sneaky Driver
3. Third District
4. Disturbed Lines
5. You Will Never Know

Side B
6. Overdose
7. Chinatown
8. Driving Force Neon Fog
9. Breath of a Serpent
10. Full Confession

Side C
11. Rain on Brick
12. Coming Down
13. Nocturne
14. Hit the Floor
15. Snow
16. Volition
17. End of the Road
18. Panoramic Feelings

Side D
19. Prison Air 2
20. Meat Grinder
21. All for Now
22. Psychotherapy
23. Boss Boss Boss
24. Blue Room (KZ-version)
25. Come and See