Robyn Miller - MYST

(Original Video Game Soundtrack) [New 2x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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A new way to experience MYST.

This 2-LP set is covered with never-before-seen documents, photographs, maps, and artifacts, and crowned with the first public release of Atrus' three-minute recording within the Starry Expanse—"AUDIO TRIAL 31 - AGE FOUR"—which had lain hidden in the archives for nearly 30 years.

It's pressed on "Red Page" and "Blue Page" translucent vinyl in a gatefold package designed by Myst co-creator and composer Robyn Miller, with multilevel embossing and spot-gloss details embellishing a special slipcover.

Side A
1. Myst Theme
2. Treegate
3. Planetarium
4. Shipgate
5. The Tower
6. The Last Message (Forechamber)
7. Fortress Ambience Pt I
8. Fortress Ambience Pt II
9. Mechanical Mystgate

Side B
10. Sirrus’ Cache
11. Sirrus’ Theme - Mechanical Age
12. Achenar’s Cache
13. Achenar’s Theme - Mechanical Age
14. Compass Rose
15. Above Stoneship (Telescope Theme)
16. Sirrus’ Theme - Stoneship Age
17. Achenar’s Theme - Stoneship Age

Side C
18. Selenitic Mystgate
19. The Temple of Achenar
20. Sirrus’ Theme - Channelwood Age
21. Achenar’s Theme - Channelwood Age
22. Un-Finale
23. Finale
24. Fireplace Theme
25. Early Selenitic Mystgate
26. Original Un-Finale

Side D