David Bowie - Blackstar (12" Red Vinyl Limited Edition 3 Track Single from David Bowie Is Exhibition Japan)

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“I'm a take you home (I'm a blackstar)”

We have a very limited number of these available. We have tried to keep the price as low as we can but we have had to pay over the retail price for them and once you add in shipping and taxes they become very expensive.  They are due to arrive early to mid February. Orders are limited to one per customer. Orders for multiple copies will automatically be cancelled.

Alongside the Lady Stardust/Crystal Japan 7" 45 picture disc produced to coincide with the Japanese opening of DAVID BOWIE is in Tokyo on January 8th, 2017, a limited edition, transparent red vinyl 12" single is also  available exclusively through the DAVID BOWIE is exhibition shop at the same time.


The 12” vinyl single (Catalogue number: SCJ7 1), features the following 3 tracks from the ★ album...



Blackstar (album version)



Lazarus (radio edit)

I Can’t Give Everything Away (radio edit)


This limited edition red vinyl single (produced in Japan), will be accompanied by an exclusive poster of one of Jimmy King’s beautiful photographs of David (size: 590 mm x 884 mm). It will also include lyrics, translation of lyrics and liner note, and will be the very first physical single to be released from the ★ album.


Long-term Bowie designer, Jonathan Barnbrook, had this to say about the design...


“I try to do something that is worthy of David Bowie, one of the greatest artists of the past century. I am always mindful of what his fans would like. For this, because the design is so simple, it needs to be perfect even with the smallest of details. The infinity symbol (∞) that appears when you take the record out of its sleeve, was very important. It symbolises the desire of him wanting to live forever in I Can’t Give Everything Away and also that we have his music forever even though he is no longer with us.”


Despite the impression given otherwise by our graphic mock-up, this 12" will only feature the 3 tracks listed above.