Joel Baylis - Cassette Beasts

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 1x Silver Cassette]

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Catalog #: BSR099-T

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A01. Title Theme
A02. Cross Your Heart
A03. Victory Theme
A04. Wherever We Are Now
A05. Kayleigh's Theme
A06. Eugene's Theme
A07. Meredith's Theme
A08. Same Old Story
A09. Shot in the Dark
A10. Face Down
A11. Felix's Theme
A12. Viola's Theme
A13. Barkley's Theme
A14. Like Chimeras
A15. Deus Ex Calibur
A16. Arrow of Time

B01. By the Campfire
B02. New Wirral Park
B03. Jaunty Merchant Tune
B04. New Wirral (Night)
B05. The Mournchildren
B06. Autumn Hill
B07. The Stations Beneath
B08. Archangel Encounte
B09. The Amber Lodge
B10. Into the Caves
B11. Cherry Meadow
B12. Eastham Woods
B13. The Marshes
B14. Mt. Wirral
B15. Night's Bridge Station
B16. Goodbyes
B17. Credits