Olivier Derivière - A Plague Tale: Requiem

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 2x 12-inch Gold w/ Black Marbled Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: BSR090

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A01 A Plague Tale Requiem
A02 Beautiful Morning
A03 Hide And Seek
A04 The Dream
A05 No Turning Back
A06 The Friendly Lucas
A07 Arnaud’s Men
A08 The Men After Me

B01 The Rage Within
B02 Unwilling Violence
B03 The Rats and Hugo
B04 Reunion
B05 A New Foe
B06 A Wreck
B07 Along Togther
B08 Siblings
B09 Fragile
B10 The Wall

C01 The Storm
C02 The Island
C03 L’Efant Divin
C04 L’Efant
C05 The Spirit Of the Island
C06 Heavy Heart
C07 The Truth
C08 La Nuit

D01 The Count
D02 The Duel
D03 A Knight
D04 At Peace
D05 Love and Friendship
D06 La Haut
D07 Brother
D08 Ma Belle Lune