Neil J & Daniel Wilkins - Aerial_Knight's Never Yield

[New 2x 12-inch Violet & Purple Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: BSR053


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Black Screen Records has teamed up with Headup and Neil Jones - artist, game developer and creator of Aerial_Knight's Never Yield - to release the amazing soundtrack to his highly stylized narrative 3D runner game on limited edition vinyl.

Survive a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit by running for your life, with the amazing soundtrack by Neil "Aerial_Knight" Jones and the Detroit artist Daniel "Danime-Sam" Wilkins, featuring vocals from artists of colour from all over the world. The soundtrack presents an eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul and Trip-Hop and comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with original art by Neil Jones and includes a Bandcamp Code for the digital soundtrack and a soft enamel pin. 


• Music by Daniel Wilkins & Neil "Aerial Knight" Jones
• Artwork by Neil "Aerial Knight" Jones
• Available on limited edition violet & purple Vinyl
• Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge and cut at 45RPM
• Comes with a free Bandcamp Code & Soft Enamel Pin

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is a highly stylized narrative 3D runner game that was revealed for PC and next-gen consoles on IGN’s Awesome Indies Show last summer. The game tells the story of Wally who has just uncovered sinister evidence that might change his city forever. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam & Epic Games Stores), Xbox One & Playstation 4 on May 19th and will feature cross-buy between Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S as well as PS4 & PS5!

"We spent a lot of time crafting the song "The Man Who Outran Time" to be something that would not only be perfect and custom made for the level but also something we people would love to listen to in their car on a road trip. We based the whole soundtrack off of that ideal"
- Aerial_Knight

"We spent a lot of hours going over songs searching for the right sound. We wanted something that not only sounded different but something that you could listen to repeatedly with a good balance of old and new." - Daniel Wilkins


A01. The Man Who Outran Time (feat. Austin C.) (01:20)
A02. Land of the Rising Moon (05:10)
A03. Midnight Scramble (04:16)
A04. Midtown Shuffle (01:45)
A05. Aggression The Aftermath (01:49)

B01. Never A Bad Time To Game (01:31)
B02 The Man Who Outran Time (Instrumental Version) (04:52)
B03 Land Of The Rising Moon Redux (feat. Yona Marie) (05:05)
B04 Dream Chasers (04:00)

C01. In the Shadows (feat. Yona Marie) (04:11)
C02. Rumble in the City (04:48)
C03. There Are No Rules After School (04:27)

D01. A New Age Lupin (04:13)
D02. The Home Plate Sprint (04:26)
D03. Intertwining Fate (feat. Austin C.) (07:06)