Björn Schellin - Skellboy

(Original Video Game Soundtrack)
[New 2x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: BSR037


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Black Screen Records is excited to team up with Fabraz again to release Björn Schellin's spooky soundtrack to Umaiki Games' cute Action RPG Skellboy on vinyl. The soundtrack comes on limited edition bone-coloured black/white marbled vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with exclusive original artwork by @sabbi_tabbi.

In Skellboy you play as Skippy, the square skeleton who can change out their body parts with those of enemies and friends to become the hero of Cubold Kingdom! The new remaster "Skellboy Refractured" is now available physically via Limited Run Games and includes coop, new game+ and a randomized dungeon!


• Music composed by Björn Schellin
• Limited edition white/black marbled vinyl
• Artwork illustrated by @sabbi_tabbi / layout by Dane Baudoin


A01 Skellboy!
A02 Once upon a die…
A03 Skeleton Hop Clop
A04 Those Trees Have Eyes
A05 Those Teeth Have Hair
A06 Peaceful Rest
A07 Rotten Refuge
A08 Bone Cellar
A09 Skeleton Chop Chop

B01 Soldiers of Sin
B02 Feast of Gluttony
B03 Dance of Pride
B04 Skeleton Flop Drop
B05 Kreepy Kingdom
B06 Angled Antagonists
B07 Spoils of Greed
B08 Styx and Stones

C01 Drip Drop Dread
C02 Frightful Farm
C03 Mistery Mill
C04 Collection Crypt
C05 Weapons of Wrath
C06 Angsty Antagonists
C07 Angry Antagonists
C08 Books of Envy
C09 Warden of Wisdom

D01 Grave Situations
D02 Eggsplotion!
D03 Mellow Melodies
D04 Grave Assassinations
D05 The End
D06 Save Grave
D07 Skeletons in the Closet
D08 Umaiki Games


Music composed by Björn Schellin.
SAVE THE WORLD voice and guitar by Daniel Tillmann.
Skellboy published by Fabraz™ and developed by Umaiki Games.
Artwork illustrated by Laura Löffler.
Layout by Dane Baudoin.