Benyamin Nuss - Plays Uematsu

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This album is interpreted by Benyamin Nuss - who performs on the Distant Worlds and Kingdom Hearts world-tour concerts – and arranged by major names of the music industry such as Shiro Hamaguchi (known for working closely with Nobuo Uematsu), Alexander Rosenblatt (Well-known Russian composer), or Jonne Valtonen (Arranger for Symphonic Fantasies, Symphonic Odysseys and Final Symphony official concerts).

Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu is a sophisticated album of virtuoso piano perfomance on unforgettable music from Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. It also includes two original tracks, the first one, composed by Nobuo Uematsu for Benyamin Nuss, and the other one is a tribute by Benyamin Nuss to the composer.



A-1 Lost Odyssey - Prologue
A-2 Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali
A-3 Final Fantasy VI - The Serpent Trench
A-4 Final Fantasy IX - A Place to Call Home
A-5 Blue Dragon - Main Theme
A-6 Blue Dragon - Waterside

B-1 Nobuo’s Theme (Dedicated to Nobuo Uematsu)
B-2 Lost Odyssey - A Mighty Ennemy Appears!
B-3 Final Fantasy VII - Fantasy Over Themes of Final Fantasy VII
B-4 Years & Years (Dedicated to Benyamin Nuss)