Kristofer Maddigan - Cuphead

[New 2x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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Catalog #: 8BIT-8107


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Side A
Don't Deal With the Devil
Don't Deal With the Devil (Instrumental)
Inkwell Isle One
Threatenin' Zeppelin
Treetop Trouble
Botanic Panic
Floral Fury
Die House

Side B
Inkwell Isle Two
Sugarland Shimmy
Aviary Action
Funfair Fever
A Quick Break
Carnival Kerfuffle

Side C
Inkwell Isle Three
High Seas Hi-Jinx
Dramatic Fanatic
Murine Corps
Railroad Wrath

Side D
Inkwell Hell
The King's Court
Admission to Perdition
One Hell of a Time
Winner Takes All
Closing Credits