Nujabes / Fat Jon / Force Of Nature / Tsutchie - Samurai Champloo Complete Bundle

(Original Soundtrack)
[4x New 2x 12-inch Vinyl LP Japan Import]

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Catalog #: VTJL-7-14




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Record 1 - Departure:

A1 Nujabes – Battlecry
A2 Nujabes – The Space Between Two World
A3 Nujabes – Aruarian Dance
A4 Nujabes – Transcendence
B1 Nujabes – Mystline
B2 Nujabes – 1st. Samurai
B3 MINMI – 四季ノ唄
C1 Fat Jon – Ole
C2 Fat Jon – 624 Part2
C3 Fat Jon – Genome
C4 Fat Jon – No Way Back
C5 Fat Jon – Funkin
D1 Fat Jon – Stay
D2 Fat Jon – Chambers
D3 Fat Jon – Ask
D4 Fat Jon – How You Feel
D5 Fat Jon – 624 Part1

Record 2 - Impression:

A1 Force Of Nature – Just Forget
A2 Force Of Nature – Nightshift
A3 Force Of Nature – 日出ズルStyle
A4 Force Of Nature – The Stroll
A5 Force Of Nature – Death Wish
A6 Force Of Nature – Set It Off
A7 Force Of Nature – The Million Way Of Drum
B1 Fat Jon – Bracelet
B2 Fat Jon – In Position
B3 Fat Jon – Night Out
B4 Fat Jon – Not Quite Seleah
B5 Fat Jon – Labyrinth Statistic
B6 Fat Jon – Here And There
C1 Nujabes – A Space In Air In Space In Air (Interlude)
C2 Nujabes – Sanctuary Ship
C3 Nujabes – Haiku (Interlude)
C4 Nujabes – Tsurugi No Mai
C5 Nujabes – Dead Season
C6 Nujabes – Decade (Interlude)
D1 Nujabes – World Without Words
D2 Nujabes – Kodama (Interlude)
D3 Nujabes – Silver Morning
D4 Minmi – Who's Theme

Record 3 - Masta:

A1 Force Of Nature – Vagrancy
A2 Force Of Nature – Mist
A3 Force Of Nature – Judgment On
A4 Force Of Nature – Loading Zone
B1 Force Of Nature – Paranoid
B2 Force Of Nature – Silver Children
B3 Force Of Nature – The Long Way Of Drums
B4 Force Of Nature – Sneak Chamber
B5 Force Of Nature – New Dimension
C1 Tsutchie – Raw Material
C2 Tsutchie – Dry
C3 Tsutchie – Breeezin'
C4 Tsutchie – Tubed (Drum Please!!!)
C5 Tsutchie – Pretending To...
D1 Tsutchie – Seventythree (I Ask)
D2 Tsutchie – I Sighed
D3 Tsutchie – Sincerely
D4 Tsutchie – Numbernine (Back In TYO)
D5 Tsutchie – You

Record 4 - Playlist:

A1 Tsutchie – Thank You
A2 Tsutchie – Yet? Why Not?
A3 Tsutchie – Strike Back
A4 Tsutchie – Let Me Know What U Think
B1 Tsutchie – Mists
B2 Tsutchie – Flip
B3 Tsutchie – Absolute
B4 Tsutchie – Adapt Myself
C1 Tsutchie – Tuned
C2 Tsutchie – No Icon
C3 Tsutchie – Stretch Out
C4 Tsutchie – Process
C5 Tsutchie – Reflective
D1 Tsutchie – Deeper Than Words
D2 Tsutchie – 2 Messages
D3 Tsutchie – The Updater
D4 Tsutchie – Offers
D5 Tsutchie – Fly