Kessoku Band - Kessoku Band

(Bocchi The Rock!)
[Limited Edition New 2x Vinyl LP Japan Import]

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Catalog #: SVWJ-70613 / PLUS-10114
Barcode: 4534530146991


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The debut studio album from Kessoku Band (結束バンド), the fictional rock band from the popular new Japanese anime Bocchi The Rock! Now available on vinyl!


A1.青春コンプレックス (Seishun Complex)
A2.ひとりぼっち東京 (Hitoribocchi Tokyo)
A4.ひみつ基地 (Secret Base)

B1.ギターと孤独と蒼い惑星 (Guitar, Loneliness and Blue Planet)
B2.ラブソングが歌えない (I Can't Sing a Love Song)
B3.あのバンド (That Band)

C1.カラカラ (Karakara)
C2.小さな海 (The Little Sea)
C3.なにが悪い (What Is Wrong With)

D1.忘れてやらない (Never Forget)
D2.星座になれたら (If I Could Be a Constellation)
D3.フラッシュバッカー (Flashbacker)
D4.転がる岩、君に朝が降る (Rockn' Roll, Morning Light Falls on You)