Tales Sound Team - Tales of Symphonia

[New 3x 12-inch Clear Vinyl LP]

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Ship to Shore Phono Co. is proud to announce the release of Tales of Symphonia, now available on vinyl for the first time!

Tales of Symphonia was the 2003 critically acclaimed entry in the long-running Tales Of series which began in 1995 with Tales Of Phantasia. Initially released on the Nintendo Gamecube, Symphonia was later ported over to the Playstation 2 where it achieved much success, being voted as one of the best games of the year, and appearing on many “best games of all time” lists over the years since its release.

The game is epic in scope and the Tales Sound Team manage to enhance the breadth of this fictional world with their synthesised orchestral sound, sounding like both a fantasy movie score and a delightful throwback to 16-bit era game soundtracks all in one go. Catchy melodies, jaunty tunes, driving action stings, brooding orchestral flourishes… this score has it all!

All music composed and performed by TALES SOUND TEAM

Artwork by mochipanko



Side A

1. Tales of Symphonia

2. A Prologue

3. Old Familiar Scent of Iselia

4. Lloyd

5. Refill

6. Kratos

7. Standing the Pain

8. The Land of Sylvarant

9. Full Force

10. Won the Battle

Side B

1. Desert Flower

2. The Struggle to Survive

3. Rovers

4. Town of a Wind and Ruins

5. Water Symphony

6. Romany Caravan

7. Escape from Enemy Base

8. Collette ~It Is Sad~

9. Confusion

Side C

1. Delightful Day

2. Off-Key

3. Moonlight

4. The Grudge

5. Fatalize

6. On the Tight Rope

7. New One World

8. On the Hill at Night

9. Floating in the Air

10. Far From Our World

Side D

1. The Kingdom City of Meltokio

2. A Selfish Want

3. Tethe Alla Castle

4. Walking on Tethe Alla

5. Academic City

6. Regal

7. Shihna

8. Shinobi Life

9. Dry Trail

10. In a Shadowy Woods

Side E

1. Deepest Woods

2. Dance in the Sunshine

3. Aviators ~Rhea-bird~

4. Forest of the Treant

5. Mithos

6. Judgement of Mana

7. Fighting of the Spirit

8. Search a Seal ~Tethe Alla~

Side F

1. The End of a Thought

2. Beat the Angel

3. Derris-Karlan ~Appear~

4. Last Battle ~Decision~

5. Final Destination

6. Revival

7. Ending Staff Roll