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The Who - Volume 2: The Reaction Singles 1966 (7" Vinyl Box Set)

The Who - Volume 2: The Reaction Singles 1966 (7" Vinyl Box Set)

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  • Following on from the forthcoming April release of ‘Volume 1: The Brunswick Singles 1965-1966’, this second volume is the next edition of a four part set – in which each of the four box sets features the singles released by the band through the four labels – Brunswick, Reaction, Track and Polydor.
  • ‘Volume 2: The Reaction Singles 1966’ chronicles the five 7” singles released by the band from the Reaction label through 1966. Each of the 7” vinyls have been faithfully recreated with authentic replicas of the original sleeves, pressed on heavyweight audiophile vinyl with die-cut centre holes.
  • Includes remastered versions of Who classics - Substitute, Happy Jack, I'm a Boy, the 'Ready Steady Who' E.P. and others.
  • Housed in a full colour rigid outer box, 7” sized 8-page colour booklet with liner notes about each release by Who biographer Mark Blake.


  1. ‘Substitute’ b/w ‘Circles’ AKA ‘Instant Party’
  2. (Reaction 591001) Released 4 March 1966. NOTE: Reaction issued 3 versions of 591001. The first two were as above but the b-side had differing titles.
  3. ‘Substitute’ b/w ‘Waltz For A Pig’
  4. (Reaction 591001). Released 14 March 1966 This is version 3 with the unusual b-side credited to ‘The Who Orchestra’.
  5. ‘I’m A Boy’ b/w ‘In the City’
  6. (Reaction 591004) Released 26 August 1966
  7. Ready Steady Who (EP)
  8. (Reaction 592001) inc. ‘Disguises’, ‘Circles’ b/w ‘Batman’, ‘Bucket T’, ‘Barbara Ann’ Released 11 November 1966
  9. ‘Happy Jack’ b/w ‘I’ve Been Away’
  10. (Reaction 591010) Released 9 December 1966