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Kevin Cummins - Manchester

Kevin Cummins - Manchester

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In Manchester: Looking for the Light through the Pouring Rain, Kevin Cummins brings us the definitive photographic history of Manchester music from the 1970’s onwards. With accompanying essays by Kevin’s former colleagues Paul Morley, Stuart Maconie and John Harris, and Gavin Martin’s interviews with Johnny Marr, Peter Hook and Mark E. Smith, the book is a remarkable record of a city which changed the course of popular culture.

From the punk explosion of Buzzcocks and Slaughter and the Dogs, through The Smiths, Joy Division, the birth of Factory Records and the resulting Madchester years of The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, to the Britpop swagger of Oasis. Kevin Cummins was uniquely placed to witness the anarchic energy of the Manchester pop moment and capture the images which would define these bands and shape generations of teenagers and music fans worldwide.

This is a fascinating portrait of a city and its individuals who, through sheer bloody-mindedness, put Manchester onto the world stage, provinding us with a soundtrack to our lives. Often humorous, at times touching, only Cummin’s photographs are able to take us on this incredible journey over four decades.