Paul Weller - Heavy Soul

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  • Gatefold LP sleeve.
  • Colour inner sleeve with photos and lyrics.
  • 12 x 12” double sided colour insert with photos.
  • After Stanley Road came the more ‘rootsy’, stripped-down style of Heavy Soul, once again the influence of British ‘blues-rock’ - Free, Spooky Tooth, Cat Stevens shone through (perhaps no coincidence that the album appeared on Island Records label!).
  • Weller’s typical soul and R&B influences are filtered through 1960s psychedelia and folk - Up in Suze's Room is a hazy, gem, the soulful apology I Should Have Been There to Inspire You is deeply affecting.
  • The album included hit singles - Brushed, Friday Street, the jaunty 60s-inspired Mermaids and the riotous, Jam-like Peacock Suit.


Side One:
1. Heavy Soul (Pt. 1)
2. Peacock Suit
3. Up In Suze’s Room
4. Brushed
5. Driving Nowhere
6. I Should Have Been There To Inspire You

Side Two:
1. Heavy Soul (Pt. 2)
2. Friday Street
3. Science
4. Golden Sands
5. As You Lean Into The Light
6. Mermaids