Various Artists - Noby Noby Boy

(Original Video Game Soundtrack) [New 2x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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Sometimes it's nice to listen to music the old-fashioned way—put a record on the turntable, close your eyes, and stretch out on the couch, and the kitchen table, and the front yard, and down the street, and so on.

This beautiful 2LP package includes 16 tracks from the soundtrack wrapped up in brand-new art by Keita Takahashi, who also curated the tracklist.

Side A: Book Book Boy
1. Noby Noby Opening Theme
2. The Theme of Noby Noby Boy
3. Noby Noby Folk Guitar
4. Noby Noby Banjo (from “Final Furlong: Main Theme”)
5. Noby Noby Ragtime Guitar

Side B: Swim Swim Boy
6. Noby Noby Gut Guitar (from “KATAMARI DAMACY: Lonely Rolling Star”)
7. Noby Noby Acoustic Guitar (from “KATAMARI DAMCY: Cherryblossom color season”)
8. Noby Noby Conga

Side C: Fly Fly Boy
10. Noby Noby Hammered Dulcimer Tabisuru Kimi-e
11. Noby Noby Steel Guitar
12. Noby Noby Cello (from “CELLO SUITES No. 1”)

Side D: Noby Noby Girl
13. Noby Noby Machine (ACID EUTRON #000)
14. Nobi Nobi Machine 2 (Nobitronic March) (from Noby Noby iPhone Boy) *Bonus Track!!
15. The Theme of Noby Noby Girl
16. Noby Noby Closing Theme