Vinyl Guru Aluminium Frame for 12" 10" & 7" Vinyl Record Covers & Discs Display

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Available in black or silver (raw aluminium). Choose the colour frame you require, followed by the size and type of mount 12", 10" or 7" for record sleeve or disc and finally choose the colour mount you would like from Black (glossy or matte) Cream, Antique White, Silver or Grey. See photos for examples of available mount size & colour options.

  • Professional Framing Solution fits any size Vinyl Record Cover or Disc. Supplied mount allows for variations in size and condition of record covers, ensuring a professional quality look covering any wear and tear on the edges or slight variations in size.
  • High Quality Aluminium Frame featuring quick and easy mounting option using 4 rotating spring loaded clips attached to a wooden back board.
  • Mounting clips also double as a hanger so frame can be hung with "invisible" hidden hook behind the frame.
  • Supplied with professionally cut high quality mount with bevelled edge manufactured from strong thick card. Mounts are available in a choice of sizes, shapes and colours to fit any size Vinyl Record or Cover.
  • Record Covers & Discs are shown for illustration only. Listing is for frame and choice of mount only. Record Covers and discs are not supplied.
  • Dimensions:
  • External Frame Size = 325mm x 325mm
  • Internal Frame Aperture (Without Mount) = 310mm x 310mm
  • Internal Frame Aperture Using Cover Mounts (Area of Cover Visible within frame when mounted)
  • Gives a professional look for covers which have tatty or worn edges and allows for any slight variations in size by covering a couple of millimetres of each edge of the cover.
  • Using 12"Cover Mount = 300mm x 300mm
  • Using 10"Cover Mount = 255mm x 255mm
  • Using 7"Cover Mount = 175mm x 175mm
  • Internal Frame Aperture Using Disc Mounts (Area of Disc Visible within frame when mounted)
  • Allows the disc to fit snugly when positioned on top of the mount and ensures it does not slip when the frame is hung on the wall
  • Using 12"Disc Mount = 302mm Diameter
  • Using 10"Disc Mount = 252mm Diameter
  • Using 7"Disc Mount = 175mm Diameter