ConcernedApe - Stardew Valley 1.4 & 1.5

(Original Video Game Soundtrack) [New 1x 12-inch Vinyl LP]

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Pick up the 23 new tracks added in Stardew Valley's 1.4 and 1.5 updates on this new LP, designed by Kari Fry to perfectly complement the 4LP box set. 

Side A (1.4):
1. Sun Room (Alone With Relaxing Tea)
2. Grapefruit Sky (Pasta Primavera Mix)
3. The Happy Junimo Show Theme
4. Movie Theater
5. Crane Game
6. Wumbus (Movie Theme)
7. Exploring Our Vibrant World (Movie Theme)
8. The Zuzu City Express (Movie Theme)
9. Movie Theater (Closing Theme)
10. JunimoKart (Title Theme)
11. JunimoKart (The Gem Sea Giant)
12. JunimoKart (Slomp's Stomp)
13. JunimoKart (Ghastly Galleon)
14. JunimoKart (Glowshroom Grotto)

Side B (1.5):
1. Ginger Island
2. Professor Snail's Radio
3. Volcano Mines (Molten Jelly)
4. Volcano Mines (Forgotten World)
5. Mystery Of The Caldera
6. The Gourmand's Cave
7. Pirate Theme
8. Leo's Theme
9. Summit Celebration